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LiveFreeFM Ep. 009 – Greater Than The Sum

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Is teamwork the bane of personal autonomy? When you are voluntarily interdependent, does that mean you are sacrificing your independency? According to some prominent talking heads of the alternative media community, working on a team is a threat to the very existence of human freedom (ok, that’s probably a gross misrepresentation, I’m being overly dramatic for effect). This episode, Darrell Becker joins us to discuss communication and teamwork. He has been under attack, recently, for promoting communications skills that esteem empathy and mutual victory in conflict resolution. Darrell and I have a discussion about the importance of teamwork in trying to accomplish great goals, and how peaceful communication skills can help in that process.

Freedom Media 006 Darrell Becker

LiveFreeFM – Published by: Nathan Fraser on 12-19-2014

Darrell Becker and Nathan have an interesting talk about communication skills, how they can be used in your favor, and how they can be used against you. Darrel has spent many years researching the subject from multiple angles. In this discussion, we cover the pros and cons of non-violent communication, and how using consistent logic is important to effective communications. Also, we talk about the impact that bad communicational skills can have on your life.
Darrel’s site can be found at VoluntaryVisions.
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