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The Philosophic Corruption of Reality and an Introduction to the Electric Universe (Parts 1 & 2)

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In 1929, Ayn Rand pondered, “As to physics–learn why mind and reason are so decried as impotent when coping with the universe. Isn’t there some huge mistake there?”

There was definitely something wrong then and the situation hasn’t changed today–rather, it’s arguably gotten worse.

In this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I am joined, once again, by Darrell Becker. As is typical when we have him on, we cover uncharted territory (at least in regards to this podcast). Specifically, this part one of two will be on The Philosophic Corruption of Physics; namely, the short history of how the [Immanuel] Kantian philosophy became adjoined to physics, beginning in the early 1900s.

This discussion will be centered around David Harriman’s lecture, The Philosophic Corruption of Reality, a five-part lecture he gave, which you can listen to for FREE here.

Specifically, we cover: the prevailing philosophical position in physics throughout the 20th century and today, the ramifications of such a position, why these seemingly smart physicists cling onto these fallacious ideas, the fairy tale of quantum mechanics, and much, much more.

In next week’s episode, this two-part series will conclude with a discussion on the Electric Universe theory. Stay tuned, check out the books below, and please let us know what you think in the comments below.

Last week, you heard part one of this series, wherein Darrell Becker and I went deeply into The Philosophic Corruption of Reality, a five-part lecture he gave, which you can listen to for FREE here, and the role that played in the development of physics, beginning in the early 20th century.

This week, we provide an example of the return to classical physics that we called for–specifically, we discuss the Electric Universe theory, a theory based upon observation and experimentation, rather than mathematicians parading around as physicists.

What did you think of this series? What are your thoughts on the electric universe?! Please let us know!

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Podcast Analysis: Word Choices and (Lost?) Opportunities to Connect, with Darrell Becker

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How can you build pathways of knowledge and understanding with others, rather than confrontations leading to tragedies?

On this episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio, I am pleased to welcome back Darrell Becker from Voluntary Visions to attempt to answer that question. We play three clips from the School Sucks Podcast:

What you will find in these clips is an example of what not to do, if you are trying to build said pathways of knowledge and understanding with others; “quick thinking” is utilized, there was seemingly little to no effort to find clarity, the word choices were questionable at best, and we can see potential tragedies arise–the example from the clips is obviously less serious, but more dangerous scenarios have (and will continue) to inevitably surface.

Darrell and I analyze each clip individually and try to ascertain just what the hell happened and how “we” as individuals can turn these failed opportunities and tragedies into successful, meaningful, and productive human interactions.

LUA Radio 10.27: Scientific Consensus, Part 2 w/ Dr. Stephanie Murphy and Darrell Becker


by Liberty Under Attack, October 27, 2016

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On tonight’s broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we present part 2 of our scientific consensus series (or, science more generally).

Darrell Becker and Dr. Stephanie Murphy join me as we discuss the notion of scientific consensus, concerns with scientific research today, the fascinating human mind when it comes to placebo (and nocebo effects), Stephanie’s experience getting her Ph.D, and much more. The show was almost entirely off-the-cuff, as the outline wasn’t even touched upon. It was a fantastic discussion.

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Show Notes:

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Check out Darrell’s website

Check out Stephanie’s website

Purchase the Direct Action Series

LUA Radio 9.22: “Scientific Consensus” with Darrell Becker (Part 1)



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by Liberty Under Attack, September 22, 2016

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In this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we were joined by Darrell Becker, once again, to cover a number of important, interesting subjects.

We discussed the notion of “scientific consensus,” the inaccuracy of scientific research, and the ramifications dissenters face for questioning the mainstream narrative. We also examined the soul-crushing environment “salaried professionals” spend an awful lot of time in.

We also discussed the prevalence of the logical fallacy known as “appeal to authority” throughout, as well as having the humility to admit that a mistake was made when coming to an incorrect conclusion.

Three videos were also played.

1) Astroturf and the Manipulation of Media Messages

2) Is Most Published Research Wrong?

3) What Doctors Don’t Know About the Drugs They Prescribe

Show Notes:

Check out Darrell’s website

Check out Richard Grove’s presentation, The Philosophic Corruption of Reality/Evil Begins with Irrationality

Thunderbolts Project (Electric Universe)

Retraction Watch

Disciplined Minds Book


Meta-Cognition Broadcast on the Anarcho-Yakitalist Podcast

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LUA Radio 9.22: “Scientific Consensus” with Darrell Becker


LUA Radio – Direct Action Series #9: NVC & The Trivium w/ Darrell Becker


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On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we hosted the ninth edition of the direct action series. We discussed non-violent communication and the Trivium with Darrell Becker from Voluntary Visions. This was a more in-depth discussion on the two subjects and a different perspective than we received from Katie Testa and Nick Hazelton. This was certainly one of the better interviews we’ve done.

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