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First they came for the Cantwell… (8/29/17)

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Michael W. Dean comes back from pneumonia quarantine and does an hour of Feens for the first time in almost two months.

MWD explains why, even though Christopher Cantwell is a horrible person…. (and MWD was saying that years before Cantwell was racist), ….Cantwell is a horrible person, but he and those like him should be able to speak freely, gather in public, not be shut out of the Internet, and should get a fair trial if accused of a crime.

People are insane to celebrate the massive attempt to make it hard for Cantwell to speak freely. If they can ban him now, they can ban you in a few years. #FirstTheyCameForTheCantwell

James and Darrell talk about that and other slippery soaps, (Including Radical Agenda episode 343) and Budweiser sending water to Houston.

A good time is had by all the Anarchists without Adverbs (like James) and Adverbo-Capitalists (MWD and Darrell.)

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Freedom and the Anarchists who Love It (8/24/17)

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Lou and Darrell talk about the short life and giant growth of crypto currencies and trade theories about whether there are reptilian overlords and how they rule the world. They also discuss how Amerika is a fascist state, not a socialist state.

Buying more BTC through time travel (8/16/17)

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Jeremy, Dianna, Darrell and James covered Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville, time travel, BTC speculation, a VT farmer spraying border patrol with cow poop, and a Canadian being perma-banned from the US because she did some drugs once.

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Continuity of Feens (7/11/17)

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Darrell Becker, James Weeks II, and Michael W. Dean discuss: Minnesota Officer Who Fatally Shot Castile Takes Buyout, MWD’s Twitter podbeef with Tom Woods about Tom’s occasional horrible audio, the new movie “American Anarchist” on Netflix, about the guy who wrote The Anarchist Cookbook, contingency plans for “democracy“, and so much more.

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