School Sucks Podcast #438: The Dawn of Freedom (Part 7) Conclusion, All-Star Pile-Up

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This is a free sample from our marathon Porcfest production, The Dawn of Freedom . This audio is the final segment (part seven), running from 7:55am until the beginning of Ernest Hancock’s Declare Your Independence. The previous six parts are available in the bonus content section at

In this show:
The Marvel cinematic universe – Titanic conspiracy – haunted Porcfest and cryptozoology – Richard Grove arrives to discuss predictive programming – Lynn Ulbrich joins us to discuss outreach for her son – Andrew from Puke and the Gang stops by – Ernie Hancock brings us out.

Discussed: What film and television do we like and dislike? – From Whoopi Goldberg to Sean Connery to Hydra very rapidly

Discussed: The Dawn of Freedom recap.

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