Greening Out Interview #24 – Darrell Becker on How To Communicate Liberty In the Modern World and Much More

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Caity and Dan welcome Darrell Becker from back to the show. We start by talking about how to spread the ideas of libertarianism in the social and economic climate we find ourselves in throughout the world.

We talk about stepping back and looking at how to connect with people on a personal level and the importance of bringing empathy into our conversations. We get into state infantilization, deserve-oriented language, living consciously and actually listening to people as opposed to waiting for your turn to talk.

We chat about the movie High Fidelity and the very different communication tactics in the movie, Dan also shares a new understanding about his life purpose, Shunryu Suzuki and Zen Buddhism, sphere of control, expressing your true nature and the importance of reading to children,

The conversation moves on to travel and how Dan can’t handle the sun, the importance of choice, logical fallacy’s and we round of with Darrell telling us about the book that he is writing and what a smart goal is.

Darrell Becker, MSOM, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist living on the Big Island of Hawaii. He has been a professor of western and eastern medical classes at the Hawaii College of Oriental Medicine ( since 2012. Darrell has appeared on numerous podcasts and radio shows where he is often discussing the issues of parenting, communication skills and tactics that can be used to create intellectual and empathetic equilibrium, or balance within and between individuals. He is presently working to refine these concepts into his upcoming book, covering the subjects of his research, using the working title of “The Language of Choice”, a compendium of internal and interpersonal communication methods aimed at generating greater degrees and quantities of cognitive and empathetic freedom.


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