The Trivium Process Applied – Voluntary Communication Part 2 of 4 – the School Sucks Podcast


Part Two: Process
What are the results of knowing and using the skills of the Trivium Method of critical thinking in conjunction with the skills of using Voluntary Communication, also known as Non-Violent Communication (or NVC)?
This show continues a series about Merging the Trivium Method with Voluntary Communication, and developing strategies for better interpersonal connections. Darrell Becker will be co-hosting all episodes in this series.
Discussed Today:
-The who, what, where and when of NVC
-One of the whys – anxiety reduction
-how the NVC process connects to the Trivium method
Observation, discussed in detail
Feelings, discussed in detail
Needs, Motivating Factors, discussed in detail
Requests, discussed in detail
-”The worst sentence in the world” – Disconnected Communication
Denial of Responsibility
Deserve-Oriented Language
-The Abundance Perspective, “win-win”

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