Friday, August 3, 2012

Beautiful puffy clouds here in Upper Puna, finished my last workday ’till I leave and take Voluntary Visions to the “mainland”, see family, and then onward toward the lands of the Dine (Navajo) and Hopi and Yaqui, (and many others of tribes that are cohesive and tribes that are sundered), now called Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.
Points beyond this adventure:
and Morocco, and then I get to return to my tropical home, and my cat who I love dearly.
We have a wonderful housesitter who will care for her and live here (good thing) and it will be a huge relief to return and see that our kitty and our home are as we left them.


Todays image, one of my big sellers at the Maku’u Farmers Market (pronounced Mah-KOO-oo):

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